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Lately, straight people have been bashed by the LGBT community as well. People are getting cocky(not saying that heterosexual people aren’t cocky too…)

I believe it’s the uprising in support for same sex couples.

(I myself am not straight, so please don’t call me ‘homophobic’)

which brings me to another point

Just because someone doesn’t support homosexuality, or doesn’t like it, doesn’t mean they’re homophobic. It’s when they insult/degrade/bash a person due to the fact that they’re gay that we have a problem.


Here, I’m talking about the extreme feminists/extreme misogynists

Women, please, for fuck’s sake, do not wish for a man to be castrated/raped/neutered

Men, please…Women have grown out of the era where we ‘stay in the kitchen/stay home/take care of the children’. There are a lot of women who prefer to get jobs, help support their family, and contribute to society by getting jobs. It should not be the man’s job to bring home the pay check. With the wife bringing one home too, hey more money! Also, both: The opposite sex is not a sex object. No gender is a sex object. The human body is not a sex object. Stop treating it as such.

Tumblr/tumblr gay shippers

For fuck’s sake, do you listen to yourselves when you say ‘make heterosexuality illegal’

…Just think over that.

This one last topic:

Anyone can rape. Anyone. And it’s still fucking serious.

Men can rape women.
Women can rape men.
Women can rape women.
Men can rape men.

Not saying that they should, but It’s just as important/serious. I’ve seen arguments saying it’s not as mentally/physically damaging if a man is raped, or he’s ‘gay’ because he didn’t enjoy it, or that he’s ‘weak’ because a woman ‘overpowered’ him.

Just stop.

Rape is serious. Okay? Okay.

But please, can we all just practice some empathy before we start arguments/bashing? We all have different opinions. Just ‘take a step in the other person’s shoes’. 

We shouldn’t act like a bag of dicks. Seriously.

(Also, I would like to point out that I’m not straight and support gay marriage, but hetero people exist and is the ‘norm’, as they say, and I’m alright with that. Anyone hating on anybody won’t make them any better)

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